Avifauna of Karimui paper published in BBOC

Our paper describing the avifauna of the Mt. Karimui area is now published in the new issue of the Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club. We provide a full species list with elevational distributions, comment on rare and poorly-known species and - best of all - discuss cases where populations have changed markedly in abundance between Jared Diamond's fieldwork at this site in the 1960s and our recent fieldwork. For example, the Bicolored Mouse-warbler was not recorded by Diamond in 1965, but we found it to be relatively common in 2012. We suggest the Bicolored Mouse-warbler was truly absent a half-century ago and that this species has recently colonized Mt. Karimui's northwestern ridge, a rare example of dynamic populations of resident tropical birds in undisturbed forest.

Email me for a pdf copy.